The TerraCyclic™ Sanitary Disposal Bio Bin / Biodegradable Refill

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Do-It-Yourself Feminine Bin

Save the additional cost of companies charging you to service the bin and have your janitorial staff service the bin instead. It’s very simple and safe.

  • Biodegradable plastic additives
  • Natural deoderizers  and bacterial growth inhibitors
  • Eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals
  • Conserves water
  • 2 out of 3 star seal of approval from Carbon Footprint Ltd.
  • Protects our oceans, lakes, rivers and sewage systems
  • Non-toxic to sensitive plants and animals

TerraCyclic’s sleek cylindrical unit is compact and unobtrusive; the unit holds the replaceable cartridge. 

TerraCyclic’s cartridges are made using biodegradable plastic additives, which are completely safe to return to earth through normal refuse disposal. 

The cartridges are charged with biodegradable liquid gel, which release a protective vapour throughout the unit safeguarding all users against harmful bacteria associated with pathogenic waste. 

The unique dome-shaped lid gives users the option to dispose of dressings without touching the outer area. 

Cartridges are easy to store, replace and dispose of with no cleaning involved.